For a small few of the Canadian population that consider ourselves devote soccer supporters, today is a big day. The day our soccer federation turns 100 years old. Today is also a friendly between us and them (USA). More importantly however, this is an important pre match before our boys head to Cuba to start the long journey (we hope) of world cup qualifying for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

It’s happening on home turf at BMO field in Toronto, so if you’re in Toronto today head down and show your support.

Remember the pride that we all shared for our country and our flag during those incredible two weeks in February not so long ago? Where our athletes made an incredible mark on winter sports forever. They rose to that occasion, because we believed they could. We now have a sense of national pride that is buried deep in our heart and spans our country. The Vancouver 2010 Olympics showed us that yes we can do anything if we put everything on the line and go for it! I really do hope this spirit, this passion will continue and will spread so that each one of our national teams learns to believe in them selves like never before.

In the case of soccer (one of my favourite sports), we the fans truly are the “twelfth man”, and with so much riding on these early games, on a day like today it is paramount that we as not just soccer fans but as proud Canadians make the trip down to the field, show our colours, join in the chants, raise your scarf and give our boys the chance to do what our women’s team (our cyclists and our winter athletes) have already done. Prove that Canada can compete at the highest level no matter what sport or who we’re up against!

GO CANADA GO! Ooh Aah Canada, Say Ooh Aah Canada!

100 years we celebrate,
June 3rd vs USA.
Let’s go and repeat history,
And win again that day.
Then on the road to Rio,
8th of June in Cuban heat.
2 o’ clock the kickoff,
Hot enough to melt a cleat.
The Voyageurs will be there,
In Havana making noise.
Full of pints and rum,
Causing ruckus for our boys.
A win to start the journey,
As important as it gets.
Then home to face Honduras,
Coming back with no regrets.
It’s on you then,Toronto,
Since the blue and white en masse
Will need to be diluted,
In the stands and on our grass.
It’s the 12th of June at BMO,
And we need all hands on deck.
The players and your fellow fans
Need you to make the trek.
Yes, we’re all from different places,
Different people, different races.
But when Canada plays soccer,
We need everyone’s embraces.
You know you love this country,
And we know you love this game,
So it’s time you love your heritage
And Canada the same.
Call it football, call it soccer,
Call it whatever you wish,
But when Canada comes calling,
Be sure they hear you on the pitch.
We need everyone and anyone,
And all of them plus two.
A World Cup berth for Canada
Starts and ends with you.

Credit: Bobby Brasz

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