Kayla Baker is a 14 year girl that is currently waiting for a double lung transplant, I had the privilege of meeting Kayla at the Canadian Transplant Association‘s 25th Anniversary Gala last month.

Kayla has been on the waiting list for 2 years now. While waiting for this life saving transplant, Kayla is being cared for at the hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto Ontario. She and her Mom travel 3 to 4 times a week from their home in Cambridge (1.5hours away). She does this because while waiting for a new set of lungs, she needs to keep the rest of her organs healthy so among other tests she does Physio Therapy 3 times a week.

Kayla would like to raise $10,000.00 dollars for the Physio Therapy Department at SickKids Hospital. They are in need of new equipment. The equipment they are using now is older and there is not enough of it to go around so kids are having to wait for Treadmills, Bikes and other excise equipment.
Please help by going to this link and bidding on the auction.
Beyond that, you can help Kayla and others like her by signing up to be an organ donor. PLEASE take a moment now and sign up. You may just save Kayla’s life, or someone like my Mom’s life by doing so.
Find out how here: https://chadweir.com/beadonor/
If you would like to follow Kayla and her story you can do so here:
Kayla’s Website: http://www.runalung.ca
New Lungs for Kayla Facbook Group