Well Sean Stephenson put’s that little engine to shame and now he’s got a new television show premiering Sunday that needs our support.  It’s called “3 Foot Giant” staring Sean Stephenson.  If you haven’t yet heard of Sean, he’s a living example of the limitless possibilities of the human spirit.  Sean’s 3ft tall, has broken 200 bones, and was not expected to live… but for those who know him, living (and loving) is what he does best.

Last month I had the pleasure of seeing Sean at the Engage Today conference in Calgary (where he stole the show even with speakers like Sir Richard Branson & The Dalai Lama.)

His story will not only touch you, but inspire all of us to overcome our own challenges and enjoy the life we deserve.

You HAVE to see it to believe it.. he’s an incredible guy.  He needs 300,000 people to watch this pilot for the show to get picked up as a full series.. PLEASE.. watch the Biography Channel THIS Sunday, 7pm/11pm PST, 10pm EST.

Please tune in and support Sean as we try and get his show to be picked up by the BIO network.

Thanks for listening,