This week marks the 5th Anniversary of my Mom’s double lung transplant. So first and foremost, I would like to give thanks to the person who was brave enough to sign up to become and organ donor. Without your foresight and selflessness, my Mom would not have been able to see her grandkids, be at my bother’s wedding, travel the world, influence lives and continue to be an amazing mother, mentor and friend to me.


If you have not yet done so, please register to be an organ donor now! You can find out how, by clicking HERE. If you are unfamiliar with my Mom’s story and how she came to need a transplant you can read about her story HERE.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you also goes out to all of the doctors, nurses and hospital staff who have cared for my Mom along the way! I have had the chance to get to know many of you, and the work that you do is incredible! THANK YOU!

To all of our family and friends who have been there for her every step of the way, you are such a huge part of this accomplishment and deserve so much thanks. I know that Mom is truly thankful for each of you and for the love and support you have showed her all of these years.

In the last five years since her organ transplant, not only has my Mom survived, but she has been unwavering in her goal to live every moment to the fullest. As with many people who face a major setback in their health, this kind of journey is not an easy one. In the beginning there where many complications that kept her in the hospital longer than expected, but with diligence and a determined stubbornness she persisted was eventually released. There can be nothing more humbling and debilitating for a strong independent woman, than to have to rely on another person to assist her in her daily life. Regardless she managed to keep a positive outlook on life and I am so proud of her. In spite of the long journey, she has persevered and taken each day as a chance to move forward. From a drug induced coma for 25 days, being bed ridden for months,  having to drag around an oxygen tank, now she as gotten out of her wheel chair, regained much of her strength and is able to live a vibrant life. Since her transplant she has:

  • Become a huge advocate and a pillar in the transplant community.
  • She became the Race Director of the Waterloo Transplant Trot.
  • Appeared on radio and television multiple times.
  • Worked for the Ontario government visiting high school’s throughout Toronto teaching kids about Organ & Tissue donation.
  • Participated in two Canadian Transplant Games winning a silver medal in her first games in Calgary three years ago!
  • Participated in the World Transplant Games, in Durban South Africa  last summer where she won a bronze medal days after a big scare that put her in the hospital.

With the five year survival rate for double lung transplantees is less than 55%, I am 100% sure that you are alive today because of your resilience, positive outlook and your will to survive. Growing up, you taught us about how these attributes would benefit us well Mom, you are a living example of this now!

I am SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU! There could be no better example of a giving, selfless, powerful and determined woman. You are a true inspiration.

With all of my gratitude, admiration & love. Congratulations Mama! I love you.