I am sending out a call to you to ask for your help. This summer I am working on organizing the inagural year of a charity fundraising relay run to end kids cancer. We are very much in need of volunteers to help us with running these events, so I am calling out to everyone I can reach to jump in and help us, help those who are fighting to end kids cancer.

We have a number of teams in Whistler, Toronto and Ottawa that have been fundraising and training for the last few months and this fall each of them will run between 4-10km each along our 100km routes in their respective cities. The Squamish to Whistler run is on the 27th of August, the Toronto to Collingwood run is on Spetember 24th and the Ottawa to Montabello run will be on Oct 15th.

We really need your help, so wether it’s assembling participant packets, patching up folks on the medical crew, pre event setup, helping with parking, maning an exchange point along the route, being part of the set up and tear down crew, or blowing up balloons, we need your heart and your hands!

Please follow the links below and sign up to lend a hand for this great cause.

Vancouver – http://thesearsgreatcanadianrun.ca/?id=10
Toronto – http://thesearsgreatcanadianrun.ca/?id=26
Ottawa – http://thesearsgreatcanadianrun.ca/?id=27

If you are unable to come out, well that’s life and I understand, but please pass this along to everyone in your network by emailing, sharing, tweeting, linking…. do what ever and however you can and with your help, we’ll be able to find enough people to help us run these events.

If you would like to sign up to participate (i.e. fundraise and run), then click here: http://therun.ca pick your location and sign up.

Thank you!

Chad Weir | Whistler Event Logistics Manager & National Series Volunteer Manager
InField Marketing Group | The Great Canadian Event Series