Yes I do mean Gwyneth Paltrow. What reason would I have to thank such an auspicious and popular woman?

I am thankful for her love and support of her partner Chris Martin. Without her support, love, and acceptance of Chris’s situation, role, and his gift. We would not have had the pleasure of attending the Cold Play concert very recently at Calgary’ Pengrowth Saddledome. A concert that could easily be one of the most mind blowing live musical events of my life. Not to mention the countless hours of enjoyment from all of their albums.

So Thank You to Gwyneth for being ok; with Chris’s adoring fans, for being strong enough in your self to know it does not matter how many women(or men) want him, for spending so much time apart, and for loving him for the gifts he shares with the rest of the world.

So to Gwyneth and all the women in the world who love, support and encourage your partners to give thier gifts in spite of how hard that might be, you have my eternal gratitude.

Thanks for listening,