It is my Mom Carol’s dream to travel to Durban, South Africa this summer to participate in the World Transplant Games and I desperately want to help her achieve that dream. For Christmas my sister and I gave her 4,000+ Air Miles points to help her with the airfare but that was not enough and the rest of the travel costs are becoming more than she can afford.

So this year in leu of a birthday card or gift or even the time it takes to wish me “Happy Birthday”, I would prefer if you would please donate $5-$25 towards making my Mom’s dream come true.

Many of you know that in 2008 my Mom contracted a rare condition simply called organizing pneumonia while overseas. After a month in a drug induced coma, almost 3 years of living on supplemental oxygen not being able to care for her self (and coming VERY close to loosing her battle) on June 26th 2009 my Mom received a double lung transplant thanks to some one we will never know. Someone who gave the greatest gift someone could ever give, life to another human being. After the operation she underwent a number of complications that kept her in the hospital for six months and it took her more than a year after that to truly get back on her feet.

Now she is enjoying spending time with her four grand kids whom without this gift she would have never met. In her spare time she has become the Race Director of the Waterloo Transplant Trot and has been working in schools all across the GTA to educate kids on the importance of Organ and Tissue donation.

Please give what you can by clicking the link below: 

If you don’t want to donate online, you can always send me an email money transfer to chadweir[at]me[dot]com. I promise to be 100% transparent with the money raised and will report to everyone how much we made and pass along a photos and videos of her trip this summer!

Thank you in advance. You have made my birthday that much more special with your gift. For more information on the World Transplant Games visit: