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In 2008-2009 my Mom contracted a rare condition simply called organizing pneumonia while overseas. After a month in a drug induced coma, almost 3 years of living on supplemental oxygen not being able to care for her self (and coming VERY close to loosing her battle) on June 26th 2009 my Mom received a double lung transplant thanks to some one we will never know. Someone who gave the greatest gift someone could ever give, life to another human being.

My Mom is alive today because of not only her donor, but the amazing doctors, nurses and staff of St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener and Toronto General Hospital in Toronto. I could not possibly thank these people enough. You gave me my Mom back. With out you I would have lost her three years ago and I cannot imagine my life without her. God damn it thank you! Without you, she would have never had memories like these.


She would have never have met or been able to spend time with her four grandkids. Help ensure that someone else gets to have these memories.

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I know that there are many other people who are still waiting for someone to give them the gift of life. Please be that person! Waiting and knowing you might not make it unless someone else takes action is a horrible feeling.

Only 16% of eligible donors have registered to actually donate their organs. 16%! that’s it!


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