Hello all,
Just a quick note to bring you up to speed on my Mom’s progress. Four weeks ago my Mom was released from the rehab hospital after her lung transplant in June. So that is very good news! Just before that I decided to come back to Ontario for a couple of weeks to assist her with the transition back to real life with her new lungs. I spent two weeks here in Toronto at my grandparents place with Mom as an intermediary step between the hospital and home in Kitchener.

Last week I went to Vancouver for the U2 concert and to visit some dear friends. After that a quick stop off in Calgary to store my stuff and then came back to Kitchener to take care of Mom and put my nose to the preverbal grindstone here in Ontario till after Christmas. After that, the Olympics, and then… who knows what? It should be interesting to see what I come up with over the next couple of months. Now we are both at home in Kitchener going back and forth to Mom’s physio and post transplant appointments and getting accustomed to “real life”.
Thank you to everyone for all of your support and love.