EarthFor a long time now I have struggled with the notion of having my own blog. Actually I have questioned the validity of blogging in general.

“Who the hell wants to listen to someone blather on about them selves in meaningless rants. God those people are SO self indulgent!”

“It is just one more way for people to self indulge in them selves in some pathetic attempt at their 5 mins of fame or for getting attention from strangers that they can’t get from their family or friends.”

Then I thought that maybe it’s just a tool, a vehicle and that it’s not the Blog itself but the person writing it and their reason for doing so.

It’s not the medium, it’s the message (or even more so the sender).

Why hate the method or the tool that people use. Why not use this same tool for something more. Why not use this same tool for some greater purpose?

I don’t really know what that purpose might be just yet. But I figured that if I am ever to find it. I had better have a way to share it. Who knows, by keeping this blog it might actually help me find that purpose.

I hope at the very least it will provide me with the opportunity to clarify my thoughts, and maybe even improve my writing and my ability to communicate. A journal of sorts since I can’t seem to find my paper journal I started years ago.

Not only that but in a way I am writing only to myself in a kind of self introspective nature here.

I know that it has already done something pretty big for me.

It has help me get over my self and take back some of my self confidence.

I have a voice.

Why should it not be heard?

Who knows, what I have to say may just affect someone positively?

Thanks for reading.