It seems that from as far back as I can remember, I can remember observing human’s need to belong. A need to be welcomed into the sandbox, belong to a club, to be one of the cool kids at school, for others to approve of our tastes, to belong to a fraternity, an elite club, owning that exclusive brand of what ever……

Unfortunately more times than not, I have also observed that need to belong manifesting it self in not so positive ways. Kids pushing each other around so that they will seem bigger, or feel better about them selves. Many wars have started because two sides needing to be right about what they’re group or religion believes in.

This need to belong almost seems to be built into our the deepest core of our being.

So after watching this video narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, I think finally I began to understand that this incessant need to belong may actually be built into our DNA or even deeper at an atomic level.

So my fellow humans, we can all rest assured that we indeed do belong, to the greatest thing that ever existed. Our entire universe.

So no matter what it may look like on the surface of the reality we have created for our selves. No matter where you have come from, where you are going. What you make in a year. Or how much you’ve grown and evolved in your short time on this earth, we MUST learn to value each other. Because no matter what we believe or how we have come to that belief. We have always been, and always will be connected to everything around us and that includes each other wether we like it or not.

Think about this in the context of the day you’re going to have over the next 24 hours and remember that what ever you are doing, what ever stresses we allow into our lives… it is all relative to how BIG we allow ourselves to feel.

Feel BIGGER and while you’re at it. Feel more beautiful, stronger, more creative, more sensitive, more observant, smarter, more caring, more fun, more engaged, but most of all, more loving.

We all need YOU to be…