A direct experience. I had another one this morning. What is it? Well I can’t really put it into words. I can however tell you the circumstances leading up to it and my thoughts afterward.

It happened this morning while riding the subway in Toronto. But it was not the situation or the place but the fact that my computer had no battery left, & at that moment I was “open” & “present” enough to get it.

You see in an effort to get my own business going I have been working every spare moment of my life! Until this morning.

Instead, I pulled out a book that my girlfriend had given me a couple of weeks ago. She told me to read it because the woman in it is very much like her & perfectly describes where she is at in life. However, that alone was not what triggered the direct experience either.

I think was a the trumpet solo on my iphone actually. That combined with the notion that “I want a spiritual teacher” from the book(which is something I have been looking for as well, for some time now) that made me realize “IT’S ME! HOLY SHIT, IT’S ME!”

What you ask? Everything! All the good that has come in my life, the responsibility on me to create the amazing relationship I want, my financial status, everything I want in life is up to me to make it happen. I have known this for most of my life but when you REALLY KNOW, and take ownership of it like I dis this morning, it almost knocks you to the ground.

Sounds like allot of mumbo jumbo, I know. Skippy would say that “I have been drinking purple Kool-aid again”. But that is the amazing profound experience of having a direct experience. It is a moment of clarity that only the one who is having it can truly get it, and yet more ofter than not, I want to share it with everyone.

I believe that the more of these each of us have, the better our world will be. Which is why despite the fact that I know I am gonna catch flack for saying it, forget the fact that I have never been comfortable sharing my thoughts… I am .

Because I know how much of a change it has made in my life and that it may do the same for you.

Come learn how to practice this technique so that all it takes is a subway ride, or a trumpet solo to feel like you are LIVING life.

These links will take you to those that have showed me this work. Go on have a look. Make some time if you are busy. It may just lead to one the most profound moments of your life.

Enlightenment Intensive

Illmination Intensive

Thanks for listening,